The moment you step foot in the gym something in the corner of your eye catches your attention. You turn to get a full view of the object that caught your attention. As the object is in full view you stare at it and it stares back. A squat rack with an empty bar sitting on the J hooks. In your mind all you can think about is that PR that has eluded you for so long, That squat you missed at your last meet, that horrible squat workout that left you with an injury, and that Powerlifting motivation video you had watched earlier that day. You walk over to the corner of the gym throw your bag down and start to stretch. After you have finished stretching you walk over to the squat rack and unrack that empty bar and start warming up. Time goes by and you are finally ready to start the working sets for the day. Tired from a long week and a long day of work you look at the loaded bar. As you walk over and get under that bar your mind empties. You think back to when you saw the bar when you first walked into the gym that day and say to yourself "I'M YOUR HUCKLEBERRY."


I'm Your Huckleberry

We have all been in this situation before. Your lifting squad acquires fresh meat, a noobie lifter that wants to get strong, jacked, and tan. You take the lifter under your wing and you notice that he makes incredible progress in a short period of time. He or she has made the gains in half the time it took you and your lifting squad. How could this be? Could it simply just be because your squad helps train him the right way? I'm sure that plays a large majority into the new lifters progress. However, you should take into consideration that by being the weakest link in the group he/she is adapting to try to catch up to the rest of squad. The lifter is forced to adapt in order to survive in the wolf pack. Think about it for a second. When you and your buddies first joined a gym and started lifting together you were all pretty much around the same level in terms of fitness levels.  You were all small and weak. Unless your first gym was a legit real gym you likely were not around a bunch of big strong lifters. The need for you to progress was not as urgent in order to keep up to par with the fellow gym members.

This applies to the gym in which you choose to train and lift in. If you are already one of the strongest and best progressed in your current gym the strive to improve will not be as great as if you are in a gym where you are at the bottom. Being at the bottom end will be a greater drive to improve then if you are already at the top end. In Pumping Iron it was said that the lion at the top of the mountain is not as hungry as the lion climbing the mountain. 5-16-17

Strongest Or Weakest Person In The Gym?

Patience is the second most important trait for an athlete to have in my opinion. Patience will be a major deciding factor into how well and and how long an athletes career will go. Unfortunately, many High School and College athletes are not mature enough when it comes to patience.  Athletes will have sloppy workouts and non optimal training cycles due to their rushed desire to hit a specific PR or weight. I have seen plenty of times athletes spending all day trying to hit a PR and or completely lose focus and interest in the rest of their workout due to missing a PR. Sometimes this results in an injury and or CNS burnout. If you miss a working set or PR you need to take a step back and calm yourself . Once you have taken a minute or two to calm down you should continue the rest of your workout and not think about the prior failed attempt earlier. Analyzing a missed working set or PR is not something to think about while your working out. Empty it out of your mind and revisit it when you finish your workout. If it dwells on your mind during the rest of your workout it will cause you to lose focus on the task at hand.  My advice is to have a solid training program and a plan. If you miss something then simply readjust the rest of your program accordingly and keep moving forward. On the other hand their are some people you are not as hungry and have no planned PRs in their program. They go through their workouts week after week without having a day or week to test out their progress by maxing out. To be an optimal athlete you need to find a good balance when it comes to patience. You have to be hungry enough to chase PRs but you have to be smart enough to plan for them in a smart manner without letting it destroy a workout if you miss it. 5-26-17

Athletes And Patience 

[The Way of Iron]
A phenomenon in today's society is a complete disregard and disrespect for self.
It is rare to find one dedicated to empowering habits, yet it is common to observe overconsumption, resignation, fake conversations, and complaining --- truly a waste of our time here.
The weak man comes to believe he is defective and searches for cheap thrills to fuel his existence.
A spiral I used to know all too well leads to the dark depths of depression.
Furthermore our own very system perpetuates this by prescribing numbing agents that only deepen the hole in which we desire out from.
There is only one way up a mountain.
To climb it your damn self.
It starts with physical training.
Are you physically up to the task of living a great life?
Socrates wrote,
"No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is 
Waging war against the Iron builds a man capable of building a life. It is the core habit on the path of a warrior.
Commit to micro-growth and spur macro-growth. 7-31-17

The Way Of Iron

|| Wrestling Success ||

The winning wrestler gets his hand raised before the whistle blows.

Before stepping out on the mat there are two mindsets which determine your performance.

#1 The mindset of evidence where you know, without a shadow of doubt, that you outworked your opponent in every component of training; therefore, winning is just a matter of showing up.

#2 The mindset of doubt where you second guess your abilities within every second leading up to the match.

Having rubbed shoulders with the country's best coaches and athletes I have come to believe that the mental side is built up by the physical training side.

If you aren't thinking about whether or not you are in the position to earn the victory, then you are just stuck many levels below the elite in the sport.

It is that simple.

Train hard.
Earn your victory.
Stalk success one day at a time.
Step onto the mat with power.
Hand Raised. 8-1-17

Wrestling Success