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Semi Private Personal Training:

We live in an age where "personal training" is sold in commercial gyms in bulk packages at over priced rates and over valued services. At Savage City that is never the case. Email  today to setup a consult and possibly schedule an assessment/ tryout workout! From clients who are physically and or mentally handicapped to competitive athletes we proudly work with anyone who has discipline, good character, and a strong work ethic.

At Savage City Strength we offer Semi Private Strength and Conditioning Programs. The workouts are programed daily and are about 45 minutes to an hour long. The workout starts off with stretching and mobility work followed by a warm-up. After the stretching and warm-up the clients will proceed to a strength lift block. This will be followed by a cardio/conditioning, and accessory lift blocks. Workouts will be programmed by Coach Shawn. Workout exercises will vary week to to week. This program is open to every level of lifter. The weights and exercises will be scaled to your own level and goals.  Programs are for 1-3 sessions per week depending which one the client picks.

Remote/Virtual Coaching

Looking for Personal Training/ Coaching but are not local to our facility? Don't Worry. We offer remote/ virtual coaching as well. For more information please reach out to us to see if we would be a good fit for each other for our Virtual/Remote Training and Coaching.

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