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Gym Rules:

Update 6/1/2020

1.) Members and guests will be subject to a temperature reading upon entering the facility.

2.) Members and guests will practice social distancing whenever possible.

3.) Members and guests who are showing symptoms of being sick will be asked to leave. 

4.) Members and guests will sanitize equipment after use as well as frequently sanitize their hands.

5.) We are a private facility and reserve the right to deny a person entry if they seem they pose a danger to the health and well being of the facility, the staff, and or other members.


1. Break PRs'

2. Come in with a positive and focused mind set

3. If you need help or need a spot... ASK FOR IT!

4. If someone asks you for help or a spot.... DO IT!

5. Introduce yourself to everyone and make friends.


7. Most importantly be nice and humble to everyone no matter their level.

Do Not:

1. Do not come in and treat the gym or members like a joke. If you come to just clown around you will be asked to leave..

2. If you dislike the music or the atmosphere offends you then you can cancel your membership and join another gym.

3. If you purposely drop equipment and or damage equipment you will be required to pay for the damages as well as possibly expelled from the gym.

4. Do not make a bunch of excuses if you miss a lift. Suck it up and crush it next attempt.

5. Do not be an ego lifter. If your best squat is 315 do not load an extra plate on to try and show off. No one wants to have to curl your missed squat.

6. Do not be rude to other members. Help out novice lifters and pay it forward.

Liability Release Agreement 

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