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Our Vision:

The Gym
Savage City Strength is a privately owned small facility designed to meet all your gym needs. Everything from Strongman/Strongwoman, Powerlifting, Olympic Weightlifting, Athletic Performance, Strength And Conditioning, and all around general Health & Fitness.

We live in an age where big commercial gyms have taken over strip malls and seem to be trying to destroy original, independently owned "Real Gyms".  Here at Savage City Strength we bring that "Real Gym" feeling back.  You won’t find rows of stationary bikes and treadmills here.  Instead, we are a real gym that brings real training and real results to its members. A place where chalk and loud music are accompanied by the sound of heavy iron being lifted. At Savage City Strength we treat you like a family - not a membership id number. Our members help each other, offering encouragement and spotting.  We share one common goal, to improve our bodies and minds.  

​Our facility is designed to help each member improve their overall health, fitness, strength, and conditioning level.  Everyone from high level athletes down to the average health conscious individual is welcomed as long as they have a serious desire to pursue their personal health and fitness goals through strength, work ethic, and approved mannerisms.   

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